Why one tech firm is launching its first outdoor campaign during lockdown

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Out of home (OOH) may not feel like an appropriate marketing medium right now, but for some brands and businesses, it does still have a role to play. 

Since the global outbreak of Covid-19 at the end of 2019, companies all over the world have joined the fight against the disease and as the UK continues to clamber with the contagion, one company is adopting OOH to make sure that their nationwide initiative, to support the old and vulnerable, doesn’t go un-noticed.

Manchester and London based tech firm UniTaskr, founded by entrepreneurs Joseph Black & Oliver Jacobs in 2016, has been mobilising its army of 10,000 low-risk students, to safely deliver essentials to those in isolation all over the UK, since the start of the pandemic. With help from Ocean Outdoor’s latest fund, UniTaskr will make use of outdoor ad space in Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, Liverpool, Nottingham, Leeds and Southampton, in an effort to spread the word about their service.

UniTaskr’s attention-grabbing OOH campaign will be relatable for many, as the nation binges on Netflix and boxsets during the lockdown.

Founder of UniTaskr, Joseph Black said, “We hope that our ads, in major cities throughout the UK, will help spread the word about our army of students who are ready and waiting to help people in their communities get through this difficult time.”

Oliver Jacobs, co-founder of UniTaskr continued, “The opportunity to use OOH to reach people initially seemed like a waste of time, however recent figures have proved promising and we’re hoping to see a surge in the use of our app when our campaign launches.”

Whilst it’s clear that the public is rightly complying with government restrictions on movement and social contact, there is still an out of the home audience. This includes the one in three people who are not able to work from home and around 67% of people who are going out, be it to buy food and essential supplies or to exercise. Data from the TomTom data monitor shows on average 51.7% of UK roadside audiences are still in play, offering brands like UniTaskr, millions of potential contact points every day.

UniTaskr’s #Task4Help initiative is available throughout the UK, to anyone who requires assistance, whether that be an elderly person who is unable to leave their home or a single mum who needs nappies for her child. Whatever the task, big or small, UniTaskr has an army of students ready and willing to help those in need.  The UniTaskr platform can also be used by family members or friends to post a task on someone else’s behalf.

UniTaskr can be accessed via both website and app. (www.unitaskr.com) and is available on both Android and IOS app stores.


Notes to Editors:

UniTaskr is the number one student task app. Ranked No. 5 in the app store, and has an army of over 10,000 students around the UK.  The UniTaskr app connects people with skilled, affordable and trusted university students to get things done. From online tasks such as influencer marketing to local everyday jobs.

How it works:

  • The public post a delivery task, on the UniTaskr app or website outlining key information, such as what they need, when they need it and where they need it delivered.
  • Local students are notified and can apply for the task.  
  • The original poster can then assign a student to the task and are put into a private chat to communicate the finer details.
  • When goods are purchased, the student sends through an image of the receipt alongside an updated task price for the buyer to release payment and delivery can then be made. 
  • The student can choose to waive the cost of the items purchased or time given.

#Task4Help follows UniTaskr’s hugely successful campaign, #Task4Homeless, which involved mobilising their student workforce to help deliver food donations to the Manchester Central Foodbank.

If you are isolated and need help, visit the webpage www.UniTaskr.com and post what errand you need or download the app, UniTaskr, available in IOS and Android. #Task4Help

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