Cannock’s first CBD specialist shop opens for business

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CBD specialists, 7CBD, have announced the launch of Cannock’s first one-stop-shop for cannabis oil. With CBD rising in popularity and the industry evolving rapidly, fans of the new ‘super-supplement’ will now be able to seek professional CBD advice face to face, and buy industry regulated products from a trusted source.

Attitudes to cannabis have changed over the past year, and it is high time that they did. Thanks to the fast-evolving industry, Brits are now able to purchase CBD supplements in many different forms, and 7CBD, a new Cannock based shop, are hoping to place themselves as a trusted brand and supplier on the high street.

However, with every boom comes an abundance of rogue traders. If Cannock and the surrounding areas are unsure about where to legally get their hands on some of the plant’s claimed benefits, 7CBD are urging people to buy from trusted suppliers and there’ll be no risk of breaking the law with goods that contain above average levels of THC – the illegal element of cannabis. If in doubt of the contents of your CBD supplement, ask the supplier and they should be able to provide you with a breakdown of the ingredients and possible effects. Brands like 7CBD are also be registered as Cannabis Trade Association members, who are hot on providing well-rounded guidance to businesses who sell CBD products in the UK.

Matthew Picken, co-owner of 7CBD, said “We are really keen to address the stigma associated with CBD products, and that’s why the shop was so important to us. We need somewhere for people to come and speak to us about their concerns surrounding CBD. It’s a cannabis based product, so there’s a huge section of the population that are too frightened to try it. “

“We’re here to educate, help people, and create some awareness around CBD and how it can be used, and let people know that they aren’t breaking any laws by taking CBD supplements. It’s no longer a dodgy ‘under the counter’ product, and we’re keen to eliminate that mindset”.

CBD food supplements, sprays and e-liquids.

Thanks to the fast-evolving industry, Brits are now able to purchase CBD supplements in many different forms.  With supplements containing CBD now able to be purchased in the UK, and an increased interest from the Great British public, 7CBD announced their shop launch at Shop 6, Kingston Court, Walsall Road, Cannock, this week, specialising in their own branded CBD oils, e-juices, capsules, and sprays, alongside bath bombs, edibles and teas.

To discover more about 7CBD, visit their website by clicking here.

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