The eco-friendly moses basket business seeing sales soar

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Moses baskets are, and always have been, the go-to accessory for newborn sleep, but it’s time to forget the old fashioned, plain style moses baskets the UK baby market is so used to seeing. Bilia Baby UK specialise in handmade, sustainable, and eco-friendly moses baskets, and have been selling out every collection since launching earlier this year, thanks to their eco-friendly products.

Bilia Baby UK sell the unique moses baskets via an online shop, specialise in selling the most unique, colourful and eco-friendly moses baskets to the UK market. Each basket is handmade by talented artisans in Ghana using naturally sourced elephant grass, and dyed using non-toxic, natural dyes. The moses baskets are then finished off with a hand-stitched, leather handle for contrast and durability. A Bilia Moses Basket takes around 3-4 days to hand weave, and the business boasts that every basket is different.

Adele Flint, mum-to-be and founder of Bilia Baby UK said, “Our aim is to empower the talented artisans of Bolgatanga and the surrounding villages to thrive through their own enterprises who set their own prices for the baskets that we purchase from them, and preserve thier traditional craft skills and practices whilst also bringing colour, style, and an ethical approach back into the baby industry here in the UK. We’ve had an incredible response from all of our customers, and have just launched our third and fourth collection. I’m so pleased that our messaging is resonating with all of the wonderful parents-to-be in the UK, and that the eco-friendly ethics of our business are really coming through to people”.

Previously, any new mummy-to-be would be hard pushed to find a moses basket that was difrerent to anyone elses, but now that this new brand have entered the market, they’re selling out fast, according to the founder, Adele Flint. As the UK continues to become more aware of purchasing eco-friendly and sustainably sourced goods, brands like Bilia Baby UK are sure to reap the benefits as we move into 2019.

Bilia Baby UK’s range of moses baskets are available in a rainbow of colours and patterns, and are priced from £165 per basket. The Bilia Moses Baskets also come with UK made, custom coconut and wool mattresses, that comply with British Standards, which means that there’s the added security of knowing any newborn sleeping in one of the brand’s ‘Instagram worthy’ moses baskets is as safe as they can be. With the latest collections selling fast, the small business are hoping that they’ll see continued success going into 2019.

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