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Yogurt Top Marketing is changing the way businesses integrate CRM solutions. Our in house design and development team will build a bespoke CRM solution from scratch for businesses looking to maximise the efficiency and productivity in their workplace. Our web based CRM solutions allows the company to automate internal tasks, improve workflows and ensure relevant information is readily and easily available for employees to effectively manage customer relationships. Thus, in turn allowing your business to provide the highest quality service to your existing customer base.

Our web based CRM solutions will provide your company a single place to store client information, manage to do lists, edit notes of previous interactions and to track sales progress. Improving the efficiency of the day to day management of your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best! A bespoke CRM gives your business much better transparency and enables your staff to spot opportunities that otherwise would have been missed.

Yogurt Top Marketing’s bespoke CRM solutions ensure that customer information and interaction is stored in ‘the cloud’ safely and in a user friendly manner. Meaning you don’t have to spend wasted hours searching through the thousands of emails on your servers and spreadsheets looking for that important client information! Everything that your employees require is all in one place In addition, adopting a web based CRM solution gives your employees and management structure the ability to access your client base 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

When using Yogurt Top Marketing’s CRM solution you are able to give each and every client the service they deserve and our CRM makes it easier than you think to achieve! If you would like to find out more or discuss in more detail what our web based CRM solutions could do for you and your business then get in touch and one of the Yogurt Top team will be happy to help.

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