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Yogurt Top Marketing Digital Media
Yogurt Top Marketing Digital Media

Social Media Management Advertising

It doesn’t matter who your target audience is, Yogurt Top Marketing has the ability to identify them from amongst the millions of social media users already online. Social media advertising, particularly on Facebook and Twitter, can provide results far better than you’ll see through traditional advertising due to being able to accurately measure conversions, i.e. Adds to basket, newsletter signups or bookings/enquiries.

Unique Targeting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin

Yogurt Top Marketing uses a very sophisticated platform to track millions of social interactions and conversations daily. This allows us to identify which users are more likely to engage with your advertising, allowing us to target at a deeper and more effective level. The benefits of using Custom Targeting includes increased brand awareness, increased levels of traffic to existing social media handles and websites and most importantly converting viewers to fans of your brand or business.

Remarketing using Social Media Management

Remarketing using social media can ensure your brand or business remains at the forefront of the minds of your prospective clients to increase conversions

Research suggests that a majority of consumers don’t buy or get in contact on their first visit to a website. By using social media as a remarketing tool, you can target those users who have visited your website and social handles but not converted, keeping your brand firmly in their thoughts. Social media remarketing converts at a very high rate and is one of the most effective methods of paid advertising today.

Tailored Social Media Advertising

We can target users who have visited certain sections of your site, or viewed certain products – this allows us to tailor ads to them based on exactly what they’ve been viewing across your platforms to increase the chance of them converting, even when they are using different devices to purchase online.

Our aim is to ensure we keep up to date with the various changes we are seeing more often within social media advertising. As more and more businesses of various sizes and turnover utilise social media advertising, it is essential you include a budget within your forecast to ensure you remain competitive in an ever increasing complex market.

If you would like to know more about our social media advertising services please get in touch today! Email us at info@yogurttopmarketing.co.uk or contact us via telephone on 01543439239 (Option 1)

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