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World Laughathon

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If you watch the news, read the paper or are on social media, you will have already heard the amazing story of 19 year old Stephen Sutton and his monumental achievements in 2014, raising over £6,000,000 for the prestigious charity Teenage Cancer Trust. Before passing, Stephen Sutton wanted tick as many items off his bucket list as possible. One of the items on his list was to attempt to break a Guiness World Record and in April 2014 It was decided by Stephen that he would try and break the Record for 'the highest amount of people doing a heart shaped hand gesture in one place'. An event called World Laughathon was created by a team of volunteers to help Stephen Sutton accomplish the GWR.

You'll be pleased to hear that the event was a huge success and Stephen Sutton got his Guinness World Record!

Following the success of the event, the World Laughathon Team decided that they would help to continue Stephen Sutton's legacy by organising similar fundraising events in the future.

@TovComedy That's brilliant guys! We love it! 😆.

So the best we can think of is 'Save the Arctic Monkeys' 😆 Can you think of any bands that you could give a Green/… https://t.co/m3UqSkF5sf

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