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The recipe for achieving great results from your PR campaigns really is pretty simple. At PReach we understand what works and what doesn’t – we know that every successful PR campaign must be underpinned by a concise PR plan that clearly defines a business’s goals and objectives. To find out more about how we structure our PR plans keep reading.

Our four-stage, nine-step PR planning process is proven to deliver results and ensures that every client has a clear idea of where their PR and communications are heading and what impact they’re having on their business.

Our nine-step PR planning process is meticulously planned, and each step must be carried out in sequence, however our process is flexible enough to allow for constant monitoring, testing and adjustment as needed.

Tactical PR and communications planning

Stage One: Research

Step 1: Analysing the Situation

Step 2: Analysing the Organisation

Step 3: Analysing the Public

Stage Two: PR planning

Step 4: Establishing Goals and Objectives

Step 5: Formulating Action and Response tactics

Step 6: Designing Effective Communication

Stage Three: Tactics

Step 7: Selecting Communication Tactics

Step 8: Implementing the PR Plan

Stage Four: Evaluative Research

Step 9: Appraise the PR Plan

Once we have followed all nine steps of our four stage PR planning process our clients will be able to start their PR campaigns safe in the knowledge that results will be achieved, and business goals will be met. Our PR plans are carried out to include the year ahead but we must stress that we re-evaluate each PR plan at least every three months to ensure that results are being delivered.

To discuss in more detail how our PR Planning can help your business achieve great results from your PR campaigns then please give us a call today! 01543439239 (Option 1)

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