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Yogurt Top Marketing Digital Media
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PR is an ever-evolving entity in today’s information age. It’s not just about firing out press releases to print media like it used to be ten years ago. Digital PR harnesses the power of the Internet through the use of content marketing, social media and SEO. Essentially digital PR turns still news into conversation by sidestepping the media to communicate directly to consumers online. Communications platforms such age social media sites and blogs allow for content to be shared exponentially and create dialogue with consumers directly.

Content marketing is all about repurposing content i.e. a press release can be repurposed to become a blog, a presentation, a newsletter, an infographic etc. Share, repurpose, share again - repeat the process a few more times and your well on the way to achieving content marketing success.

Like content marketing SEO also belongs in the PR department as does social media. Swat up on integrating keywords into your communications and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE via your social platforms.

Digital PR can prove to be time consuming and hard to keep control of. At Yogurt Top Marketing our specialist teams expertly guide our clients through the entire PR & communications process to ensure they’re maximizing their resources and getting the most out of their marketing activities. We offer an all in one communications solutions so our clients feel secure in knowing that all of their marketing is being taken care of under one roof.

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