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Crisis Management

Most SME’s think a crisis will never happen to them, they always tell us, “What on earth could possibly go wrong? My business won’t ever have a crisis, we don’t need to waste money pre-empting things that are unlikely to happen.” WRONG, even the most diligent Directors get caught out when they don’t prepare for a potential crisis. Very rarely do we take on a client who is proactive about preparing for a PR crisis, we always get the call to come to the rescue once the crisis is under way and the business is being crippled in the press and with stakeholders.

When catastrophe strikes, the way that a crisis is managed through communications is critical. PReach has an impressive track record when it comes to dealing with crisis management situations, our teams are specialists in print media and social media crisis management and are available 24/7 365 to help clients get through the storm. Once a crisis is canned and the situation has been controlled PReach diligently works with each client to restore their reputation and re-establish trust with the business’s stakeholders.

Our proactive crisis management service involves: pre-empting all potential crisis situations and putting together a strategy, which can be implemented immediately, should the worst happen.

Our reactive PR service includes: preparing a strategy to deal with the crisis, evaluating risk levels of all potential outcomes, implementing statements and spokes people and finally, preparing a strategy following a crisis in order to restore trust and reputation.

To find out more about our crisis management services then contact us today!

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