Leicester events company’s clients cash in on Tiger Wood’s Masters win

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Leicester based events company, Imperial Corporate Events have handed out £200,000 worth of free events to clients in a competition linked to Tiger Woods’s US Masters victory.

Every year, Imperial Corporate Events select one golfer whom they believe will be the winner of the US Masters. If correct, all bookings over £3K placed on the opening day are free of charge to all clients, and the cost of the event is covered by Imperial Corporate Events.

Following the result on Sunday, the corporate events company’s clients will be attending a whole range of events free of charge, including Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, Singapore Grand Prix and the Grand National.

Robert Poutch, Director of Imperial Corporate Events said, “We’re delighted to be able to offer incentives such as this to our loyal clients. We’re truly grateful to each and every one that took advantage of the competition and we wish them a fantastic time celebrating at their booked events.”

Imperial Corporate Events, have come a long way since first opening their doors back in 2002, in fact, the company have seen an increase in turnover of 39% compared with March 2018. After landing 74 new clients in March 2019 alone, their sales are almost £500K up compared with their first quarter of 2018.

Poutch continued, “After celebrating our largest March on record by 10% and a vibrant end to Q1, we’re looking forward to continuing our growth through 2019 and beyond. It’s an exciting time for the company with new offices, buoyant marketplace and talented staff, the future is looking more exciting than ever before, and we are all ambitious regarding what can be achieved in the coming months.”

The events company plan to continue running various competitions for their clients in the future and hope to host more clients at some of the best events around the world.

To learn more about Imperial Corporate Events, visit: http://imperial.events/

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