5 expert tips for cutting it as a mobile hairdresser

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London’s mobile hair salon, Zappzi, have set out their expert tips on how professional hair stylists can cut it as a mobile hairdresser in the highly competitive industry.

Clint Ratanatray, director at Zappzi, said, “Whilst many professional hair stylists relish working in the hustle and bustle of a hair salon environment, many are turning to the flexibility of freelance work due to the lack of overhead expenses, working on their own terms and independence of sourcing and retaining their own clients. That’s why we’re keen to offer support to those who dream of embarking on their own adventure of being their own boss, but may feel bewildered at the thought of going it alone.”  

The team at London’s mobile hair salon claim to hear of many aspiring mobile hairdressers, who lack the confidence to take the leap of ditching the salon and becoming their own boss, due to the competitiveness of the industry.


Here are Zappzi’s expert tips for cutting it as a mobile hairdresser:

  1. Determine your availability and prices – First thing’s first, you’ll need to carefully consider when you’ll be available to work, and the locations you’ll be able to cover. What are your current responsibilities? And how will they affect your hours and availability?
  2. The Legal Stuff – Once you know how many hours you’ll be able to work each month, you’ll need to move onto getting all of your legal obligations out of the way. Now that you work for yourself, all of ‘the legal stuff’ is on your shoulders – so it may be wise to seek legal advice where necessary. You’ll need to register with HMRC to let them know that you’re self-employed and will be using their self-assessment process to submit your earnings moving forward. You can utilise the PAYE calculator to estimate your potential gross and net pay, using your expected hours of work each month. As your overheads will be non-existent, your outgoings should be limited to your fuel or public transport costs, and your equipment needs.
  3. Develop your online presence – Before launching yourself into the world of mobile hairdressing, you’ll need to get to work establishing your online presence, which will be key to building your client base. Start with setting up social media profiles and start populating them with content about your new adventure.
  4. Build your Zappzi profile – Zappzi is an online booking platform that bridges the gap between professional mobile hair stylists and members of the public wanting to book a hair appointment in the comfort of their own home. Your Zappzi bio should encompass everything a potential client will need to know about you before inviting you into their home. It’s important to show the real you in your bio – write about your hobbies, your family and friends and what you enjoy doing in your spare time, this will really help to set you apart from the other stylists in your area.
  5. Let Zappzi do the rest – Here’s where the real fun begins. Now that your current client base are aware of your new mobile role, you’ve determined your availability and wage goals and you’ve developed an online presence promoting your services. It’s time to sit back, and watch the appointment requests roll in.

Officially launched in 2018, Zappzi claim to actively promote each of their listed professional hair stylists to help them build on their client base. Their booking software allows members of the public to select a hair stylist in the London area, schedule appointments with them and get their hair styled in the comfort of their own home.

To learn more about Zappzi, visit their website: www.zappzi.com

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