Sportswear brand revolutionises the compression wear market

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Progressive new sportswear brand, UNBOWND, have revolutionised the market with their patent pending range of compression wear, designed to improve performance and speed up recovery.

UNBOWND compression wear has been designed and developed alongside qualified physiotherapy and industry experts and is the only patent pending integrated K-tape compression wear brand which has been backed by independent scientific research – carried out by the University of Birmingham.

The University of Birmingham’s study of UNBOWND compression gear showed reductions in time of completion of up to 6.13% during an 8km bike ride, peak power gains of up to 4.5%, and 77% more blood lactate removal after a 30-minute recovery period, compared to no compression. In addition, the brand’s studies also show that it reduces diastolic blood pressure by 5.48%. 

UNBOWND’s ground-breaking range of compression wear garments have been engineered with a vision to create active wear that removes the need to use K-tape all together.  The brand’s unique, patent pending fabrics have also been designed to be powerful, lightweight and flexible, and retain their strength wear after wear. Rigorously tested to the highest textile standards, UNBOWND’s fabrics also wick sweat away from the body to leave the wearer dry and comfortable. 

Oscar Ryndziewicz, founder at UNBOWND said “I suffered a snapped kneecap back in 2015 and rehabilitation was incredibly difficult, especially because health and fitness is so important to me.  Naturally, I wanted to continue training, but constantly having to tape my knee and invest in compression sleeves became laborious, and expensive – that’s when I came up with the idea of UNBOWND.  There are so many benefits for using compression wear, and proprioceptive benefits of K Tape, and we’re excited that the UK market is taking us seriously.  Anyone who uses compression wear and K tape understands the benefits but we thought we’d give people who’ve not yet come across it, some facts”.

UNBOWND believe that, in order to achieve the best results, active wear should be a crucial part of any training and recovery regime. The UK brand have seen a huge surge in sales of their men’s compression wear this year and are due to release their women’s range in Spring 2019.

To find out more about UNBOWND, visit their website

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