6 reasons why compression wear is the next big thing for gym-goers

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As any keen fitness enthusiast knows, it’s really important to have the right gear for the job at hand. UNBOWND, the latest brand to hit the sportswear market, are keen to explain the benefits of their unique ‘compression wear’, and why it’s being coined as the next big thing for performance sportswear.


Oscar Ryndziewicz, founder at UNBOWND said “I suffered a snapped kneecap back in 2015 and rehabilitation was incredibly difficult, especially because health and fitness is so important to me.  Naturally, I wanted to continue training, but constantly having to tape my knee and invest in compression sleeves became laborious, and expensive – that’s when I came up with the idea of UNBOWND.  I soon set to work creating the range of compression wear which integrates the K-tape into clothing, and actually does more than what it says on the tin, fits perfectly and looks fantastic.  There are so many benefits for using compression wear, and proprioceptive benefits of K-Tape, and we’re excited that the UK fitness market is taking us seriously.  Anyone who uses compression wear and K-tape understands the benefits but we thought we’d give people who’ve not yet come across it, some facts”.

Here are UNBOWND’s 6 reasons why their K-tape infused compression wear is the next big thing for fitness fans:

What is K-Tape?

“It’s that blue tape you see athletes wear, which you need to get a trained individual to apply, and is used to help stabilise joints, and help rehabilitation. The only issue is, it’s a 1 application only thing”.

Where did compression wear originate?

“For a long time, compression has been used in the medical profession with the aim of treating circulation issues like lymphedema, post-surgery swelling and deep vein thrombosis. Now, we see it being used in sports, as it can aid in muscle recovery and increase athletic performance”.

How does it work?

“Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just about tight-fitting clothing. It’s all about how your muscles move, and work, and how aware you are of how your body is performing to different exercises. Well-designed compression wear can improve blood flow – delivering blood to the muscles being used in a specific exercise, and the return of blood back to the heart. In doing this, compression wear can increase the delivery of oxygen and key nutrients to muscle groups to improve performance and help with the removal of waste products post-exercise, which all leads to a greater recovery process”.

Is it just a fad?

“We definitely don’t think so – quite the contrary. There’s a whole host of published research which impressively states the effects of compression, and how it helps athletes during and post-exercise. It’s also not just for the professional athletes either, as evidence states that all fitness fans can benefit from the science behind compression wear”.

What are the main benefits of investing in compression wear?

“If you’re serious about your athletic output, you’ll invest in great gear to help you to achieve your goals.  Compression wear can help to: increase endurance performance meaning you can push yourself further, and for longer, increase your power output, optimising your body’s core temperature and, most importantly, reduce your injury risk – we love this one. These all add up to create a fully rounded, incomparable training experience, leaving you to focus on those goals”.

How is what UNBOWND do any different?

If you look at a knee support, and the ways we tape our bodies for rehabilitation, the same kind of technology applies, but in the form of specially developed materials, integrated into  leggings and tops, providing a full body support system that can vary in power, depending on individual needs”.

UNBOWND believe that, in order to achieve the best results, active wear should be a crucial part of any training regime. Their flagship technology, a unique material that mimics Kinesiology tape, offers the same kind of adhesive properties and support, whilst remaining breathable and integrated into their all-encompassing compression wear. The UK brand have seen a huge surge in sales of their men’s compression wear this year and are due to release their women’s range in Spring 2019.

To find out more about UNBOWND, visit their website www.unbownd.com

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