What is SEO and how can SEO help your business to succeed online

Written by YogurtTop

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the process of improving a website’s position in search engine results pages.


Given that your potential customers are using the Internet to find the products or services that you offer, it’s vitally important that your company can be found Online. To be blunt, if you’re not on the first page of Google; you’re leaving money on the table.

Successfully implementing SEO consists of two factors:

1) On Page Optimisation
2) Off Page Optimisation

On Page optimisation is the process of improving a website’s code and content. Changes to the website’s code ensure that the site is fast, functional and works correctly. Changes to the website’s content ensure that the site is sending the right message to the search engine, so the search engine knows what keyword(s) to rank you for.

Off Page optimisation is the process of improving the equity of a website. This is achieved by obtaining incoming links from high quality, related websites.

However, the success of both On Page and Off Page optimisation is determined by on common denominator: The keywords that you choose to optimise for.

Keyword selection is a vitally important component of a successful SEO campaign. If you’re appearing #1 on Google for a term that isn’t actually searched for, you’re simply not going to generate any traffic.

Because of that, rather than just selecting a keyword that you *think* your target customers search for; you need to ensure that you’re optimising content for keywords or key phrases that *really* generate good search volume.

Do you need help with SEO?

Yogurt Top Marketing have recently partnered with OMS [Online Marketing Surgery] to offer SEO and online marketing solutions to a range of existing and new businesses.

Before any SEO is executed, OMS will conduct extremely detailed keyword research in order to expose the entire search landscape within your industry. This ensures that you only optimise web pages for keywords and key phrases that have search volume and real value.

In addition, a full SEO audit is conducted to evaluate the current performance of the site from an SEO point of view. The audit looks at your site’s setup, coding, speed, on page content, backlinks and much more.

If you’re interested in Yogurt Top Marketing and OMS conducting a free, no obligation SEO audit to evaluate the performance of your current website, call Yogurt Top today on 01543 439239.