Local graduate takes to social media to fulfil dream of attending top drama school

Written by YogurtTop

21-year-old musical theatre graduate, Bethany Staton has utalised the power of social media to help fulfil her dream of attending The London School of Musical Theatre after being offered a place there.

Bethany, from Chester has been passionate about musical theatre from a very young age and is currently coming to the end of her degree in Musical Theatre at Chichester University.

Bethany 1

Bethany is eager to progress and develop her skills further towards her chosen career after being lucky enough to gain herself a place at world famous London School of Musical Theatre, which only offers a place to 22 students per year.

Bethany 2


However, the tuition fee’s and prices of living are scarily expensive. Bethany is disillusioned with the fact that due to her economic position she is being penalised from furthering her chosen career choice.

Bethany has decided to take to social media and has set up a go fund me page in the hope of raising enough funds to make her dream possible. She commented to say, “My family do everything they can to support me but there is only so much a single parent family can do. My dream of becoming a professional West End performer could be shattered due to a lack of funding that the Arts and post graduates receive. To have the opportunity to have the ‘professionals training’ at the London School of Musical Theatre would certainly take me a huge step closer towards a dream I am so passionate about and  have worked extremely hard for since the age of 4. I don’t want to stop now! With the right support behind me, I believe that my dream can come true!”

To help support Bethany follow her dream head over to her go fund me page here: