Case Study: Müller Rice & NBA

Written by YogurtTop

Client: Müller UK & Ireland and the NBA

Campaign Name: Global Games London

​Client Background: Müller UK & Ireland manufacturers the number one and two selling brands of yogurt Müller Corner and Müllerlight. The company also is the biggest fresh milk and ingredients provider with a network of dairies and depots servicing customers throughout the country.

Campaign Details: Müller’s brand Müller Rice sponsored a basketball game at The O2, London delivered by the NBA as part of their worldwide series titled ‘NBA Global Games’ which saw the Denver Nuggets play the Indiana Pacers. Müller had two tickets to giveaway and approached Yogurt Top for suggestions on how we could use this incentive and their social media channels to generate as much awareness as possible without an advertisement budget or the use of a landing page.

The incentive was not attached to the sale of products although Müller had released an NBA themed limited edition multi-pack that contained vouchers that could be redeemed in exchange for a miniature basketball and hoop.

Müller Rice only has a dedicated presence on Twitter. The brand ambassador Tasty B is essentially the voice of Müller Rice. He is a 7ft talking bear originally from Canada who loves hip-hip, is a rapper, DJ, takes good care of his quiff and has lived in South London since 1998 so his tone of voice makes regular use of stereotypical urban colloquialisms. Tasty B is always at the centre of every Müller Rice campaign.

Objectives: The campaign ran for 30 days. We were given the following targets to increase the core performance metrics that were compared with the organic monthly averages for 2016 after the campaign.

  • Unique impressions – 20%
  • Total profile engagements – 20%
  • Engagement rate – 20%
  • Percentage of followers gained – 50%

Delivery: Our team created a storyline involving Tasty B travelling to the home cities of each team, commenting on different players, detailing statistics, receiving a signed ball on Christmas day and a custom jersey before the game. A part of this story included a bespoke rap for each team both written by myself. We decided on a simple ‘caption this’ format for the ticket competition. The winner was selected at random. We then repurposed the best captions as follow up Tweets whilst distributing free basketballs and hoops.

​When it came to creating content, the main challenge was Tasty B. The only resources we had were a collection of photos detailing a stuffed bear in various positions in front of a green screen. To add interest to the storyline content, we created 2.5D videos that transformed still images into moving frames with subtle animations.

This was complimented with action videos of previous games supplied by the NBA in addition to the raps delivered as short lyric videos. ​All content had to adhere to the NBA’s partner guidelines and was subject to approval from their legal department.

Results: We achieved the following increases all of which were organic:

  • Unique impressions – 20.82%
  • Total profile engagements – 23.83%
  • Engagement rate – 28.57%
  • Percentage of followers gained – 84.31%