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‘Yogurt Top Just Keeps On Growing!’

By YOGURT TOP | Published August 17th 2017

Wow! What a crazy yet exciting couple of months we have had as a company and we hope you have enjoyed your 2017 summer so far. We are delighted to announce that we have recently added 6 new clients to our roster from a broad variety of industries including an influential media outlet, a pain therapist, a luxury yacht designer; all who are using our branding, website design and development services to better their business.

When initially approached by our new client base we identified that every one of them requested the same thing – a bespoke, well-tailored website designed to a professional standard, and of course we told them to look no further!

At Yogurt Top, we pride ourselves in delivering clients the utmost professionalism in website design, development and communication from start to completion. We have a great team of professional web designers and developers that work hard to ensure our services are bespoke to you and your business’ needs.

One of our newest additions to the Yogurt Top family is Abstract Aerial Art. Two brothers who have a passion for Travel, Photography and Adventure. The business specialises in abstract and bizarre drone photography and an ambition to show their audience a world from a perspective not many of us will have the opportunity to witness. AAA needed a bespoke website design which portrayed their brand identity, showcasing a range of their spectacular photographs which would be available to purchase online.

Delivery: Our team created a sophisticated, cutting edge and professional purchasing platform for the client. The website displays the brothers’ talented photography at the forefront of the design, surrounded by a simple black and white palette to draw all attention to the beautiful artwork and product variety. The website design provides easy navigation for the customer with strong focus on the story behind the brand, a blog platform, a gallery and shopping web page. The aim was to let their photography do the talking against a minimalistic website aesthetic, which was greatly achieved.

AAA Website







Another of our recent additions, who admired our approach to website development services was Travelling Peach, an online magazine celebrating the incredible experiences, skills and talents of people achieving amazing things across the world. The media outlet client approached us with a high website specification with particular attention to content arrangement and colour, giving Yogurt Top an exciting project to work on. The brand needed to be perceived as both fun yet intelligent through the website design, due to the vast range of categories the brand focused on.

Delivery: Our team created an exciting, fun yet intellectual website design for the Travelling Peach future audience and readers. The website design replicates a bright yet informative platform aesthetic, with easy navigation provided through category colour coding. The plain background allows for the media topics to take centre stage, immediately drawing in its readers. The aim for this website was to ensure a fun, leisurely and enlightening browsing experience for the reader which was achieved through its professional and well-branded aesthetic.

TP Website






To see the newly designed websites for all of the clients discussed, click on the links below:
Abstract Aerial Art – http://www.abstractaerialart.com/
Travelling Peach – http://travellingpeach.com/draft/

No matter where you’re based, whether you’re a corporate high flying business or a one man band – we have the bespoke website design solutions for you.
If you would like to learn more about our custom website development services, are in need of a new website or require development on an existing one, then please complete our contact form, email us or simply call our offices on 01543439239 and a member of our team will be happy to help!

2017 is going to be our best year yet!
Katie Felton – Digital Marketing Manager & Strategist at Yogurt Top Marketing

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Case Study: Müller Rice & NBA

Client: Müller UK & Ireland and the NBA

Campaign Name: Global Games London

​Client Background: Müller UK & Ireland manufacturers the number one and two selling brands of yogurt Müller Corner and Müllerlight. The company also is the biggest fresh milk and ingredients provider with a network of dairies and depots servicing customers throughout the country.

Campaign Details: Müller’s brand Müller Rice sponsored a basketball game at The O2, London delivered by the NBA as part of their worldwide series titled ‘NBA Global Games’ which saw the Denver Nuggets play the Indiana Pacers. Müller had two tickets to giveaway and approached Yogurt Top for suggestions on how we could use this incentive and their social media channels to generate as much awareness as possible without an advertisement budget or the use of a landing page.

The incentive was not attached to the sale of products although Müller had released an NBA themed limited edition multi-pack that contained vouchers that could be redeemed in exchange for a miniature basketball and hoop.

Müller Rice only has a dedicated presence on Twitter. The brand ambassador Tasty B is essentially the voice of Müller Rice. He is a 7ft talking bear originally from Canada who loves hip-hip, is a rapper, DJ, takes good care of his quiff and has lived in South London since 1998 so his tone of voice makes regular use of stereotypical urban colloquialisms. Tasty B is always at the centre of every Müller Rice campaign.

Objectives: The campaign ran for 30 days. We were given the following targets to increase the core performance metrics that were compared with the organic monthly averages for 2016 after the campaign.

  • Unique impressions – 20%
  • Total profile engagements – 20%
  • Engagement rate – 20%
  • Percentage of followers gained – 50%

Delivery: Our team created a storyline involving Tasty B travelling to the home cities of each team, commenting on different players, detailing statistics, receiving a signed ball on Christmas day and a custom jersey before the game. A part of this story included a bespoke rap for each team both written by myself. We decided on a simple ‘caption this’ format for the ticket competition. The winner was selected at random. We then repurposed the best captions as follow up Tweets whilst distributing free basketballs and hoops.

​When it came to creating content, the main challenge was Tasty B. The only resources we had were a collection of photos detailing a stuffed bear in various positions in front of a green screen. To add interest to the storyline content, we created 2.5D videos that transformed still images into moving frames with subtle animations.

This was complimented with action videos of previous games supplied by the NBA in addition to the raps delivered as short lyric videos. ​All content had to adhere to the NBA’s partner guidelines and was subject to approval from their legal department.

Results: We achieved the following increases all of which were organic:

  • Unique impressions – 20.82%
  • Total profile engagements – 23.83%
  • Engagement rate – 28.57%
  • Percentage of followers gained – 84.31%
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The Benefits Of Bespoke Website Solutions

We see it all the time…websites created using templates. Okay, it is a cost and time effective solution but hang on a second, surely if your website uses templates that are similar to your competitors or other businesses, doesn’t that devalue your brand? In a digital age where there is more content than ever being published resulting in more competition for attention, clever businesses focus on how they are different from the rest when it comes to their digital marketing activities. Therefore, a website created using templates may give the impression that the business is not distinguishing itself enough. This also relates to using stock imagery on your website which may also give the impression that the business delivers a stock service. That is why Yogurt Top prides itself on providing bespoke website solutions such as design, Content Management Systems (CMS) and booking systems. This approach really opens up the possibilities on how a brand’s website can deliver tailored experiences for their prospects and customers.

We would like to introduce Revival Live UK, a provider of vintage entertainment which includes live music and theatre acts. Yogurt Top originally built a new responsive website for Revival as a place to showcase their entertainment portfolio and give each act a miniature website which is useful when sharing specific information on other channels such as social media or email. As usual, the website could be edited with our bespoke Content Management System (CMS) removing the need for a developer and ongoing maintenance costs.

Stewart Whale, director of Revival Live UK approached Yogurt Top to expand the website. The business had purchased a very spacious river side fishing tackle shop and converted it into their new HQ. This extra space gave Stewart the idea to use all available rooms as studios for vocal lessons and dance classes. Thus Riverside Studios was born and this meant the existing website had to accommodate these new services.

In addition to simplifying the menu and re-organising the overall structure, Yogurt Top’s prime task was to create a bespoke booking system. The overall result? A simple, effective solution that allows Revival to create instructor profiles…

Bespoke Website Solutions - Instructor Profiles











…detail class times, durations and prices…

Bespoke Website Solutions - Class Times









…in addition to a day-to-day bookings overview using pink blocks to indicate filled time slots.

Bespoke Website Solutions - Bookings Overview








The system also allows Revival to export participants which essentially acts as a register for confirming attendance. All courses are displayed in a simple calendar.

Bespoke Website Solutions - Bookings Calendar

What are the overall benefits of bespoke website solutions?

Yogurt Top’s bespoke booking system is tailored according to the exact requirements of Revival Live UK and can easily accommodate any changes or further developments to the services delivered at Riverside Studios. For example, if a business has a long term plan, Yogurt Top can create bespoke website solutions that take into consideration future changes to service delivery meaning the website grows alongside the business with minimal development costs because the structure of certain tools such as the CMS or booking system is prepared.

Let’s say Revival used a 3rd party booking system. Increased development time and costs may be required to ensure the website and 3rd party system communicates effectively. Also, 3rd party systems may not have all the options and configurations required for your business. Therefore you’ll often find compromises are a common occurrence.

The biggest advantage of  bespoke website solutions is that all information is stored locally. Using 3rd party software means your site requests information from a 3rd party server. This could potentially add delays but is dependent on numerous environmental factors. A bespoke solution minimises all of these issues and ensures you get exactly what you want. Yogurt are also capable of providing bespoke booking systems for restaurants that include floor plans and table numbers.

If you are in need of a new website or require development on an existing site, call us 01543 439 239 (option 1) for a chat about how we can provide a bespoke solution.

Adam Šapić

Digital Marketing Manager & Strategist

Got a question? Ask Adam twitter.com/AdamSapic

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Yogurt Top Ramps Up Social Media & News Monitoring

Happy new year everyone! We all hope you enjoyed your festive break. We are delighted to announce Yogurt Top Marketing is now using Meltwater – what a start to 2017! For those of you who have never heard of Meltwater, it is an advanced social media and news monitoring tool. Monitoring conversations on social media and news articles is a crucial part of the ‘Yogurt Top Method’, our model of digital marketing. The first stage of the method involves listening out for and analysing conversations about your target audience, affiliates, industry influencers and competitors. It’s important to understand what people are saying about specific topics relevant to your brand or industry as this will influence your forthcoming content plan.

What’s amazing about Meltwater is that it uses Boolean Query when you are searching for keywords or hashtags. Boolean uses a set of rules called syntaxes to determine the relationship between different keywords.

The beauty of this query method allows you to include multiple variations and exclusions of keywords so your search results are very accurate. For example, we want to track all mentions of our celebrity client Jay Gardner.

((“jay gardner”) OR (“jay” and “geordie shore”)) NOT “republican” NOT “cabaret” NOT “warrant”

Not everyone knows Jay’s surname and sometimes he is mentioned as ‘Jay from Geordie Shore’. However, there is more than one Jay Gardner in the world, so we can exclude keywords associated with other Jays that are not relevant for our client. Let’s say Yogurt Top Media secures Jay a role in a forthcoming TV show, we can then add that show as an additional search keyword or exclude other keywords related to a Jay Gardner in the USA who is generating a lot of conversations on social media due to an unrelated reason. Here’s what the results look like:

The same principle applies when monitoring news articles. Here is an example monitor for another celebrity client, Will Mellor:

Meltwater also stores data. This is great for new clients because we can backtrack one year and analyse conversations and news articles that have already been published. Historical insight means we do not have to wait for the conversations to occur, we can already identify social media and news trends for a particular industry or target audience niche. Furthermore, Meltwater is a fantastic tool for sourcing influencers in the form of journalists, editors and bloggers. Again, we use Boolean Query to refine results and Meltwater gives us their social media profiles which we can then add to lists before building and nurturing relationships. More coverage from reputable sources means more external links to your website which in turn influences your ranking within search engine results for specific keywords or keyphrases.

In a nut shell, Yogurt Top now can accurately monitor social media conversations and news articles using numerous filters such as location, source and language to identify trending topics, monitor brand mentions (very useful if a post does include a social media handle), measure brand sentiment and source a list of influencers to amplify brand content. We are now offering example monitors for all prospects. Get in touch with us today to see what the Internet is saying about your brand or industry.

2017 is going to be our best year yet!

Adam Šapić

Digital Marketing Manager & Strategist


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Yogurt Top Media Sports Trio Show Their Support For MAAC

Big Joe Egan, Waine Turner and Willie Thorne are the latest high profile sporting stars to lend their support of Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, to help raise awareness of the charity’s lifesaving work.

The sporting stars were interviewed live on their respective extensive sports careers in boxing, kickboxing and snooker at the charity’s Airbase Open Day in  September.

Big Joe Egan, actor, retired heavyweight boxer and ex-sparring partner of Mike Tyson said: “I have a lot of respect for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, their work at the incident at Alton Towers last year was incredible. My family were at Alton Towers a week before the incident, reminding me of how lucky we are to have the air ambulance watching over us.”

Waine Turner, actor and three times world champion kickboxer said: “I’m so proud to support Midlands Air Ambulance Charity. I think it’s such a shame that the charity does not receive any Government or National Lottery funding. I’m excited to spread the word of the amazing work that the charity does to help raise money for such an incredible, invaluable service.”


Willie Thorne, former English professional snooker player turned BBC sports commentator said: “The Midlands Air Ambulance won my heart from the moment I learnt of the lifesaving work that they are responsible for. I am delighted to put my name to such an incredible emergency service charity.”

Jason Levy, fundraising and marketing director for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, added: “We’re extremely pleased to have Joe, Waine and Willie on board as celebrity supporters. They have all attended a number of our events, most recently our Airbase Open Day at Strensham, and were very popular with the visitors and aircrew.

“The profile and awareness that they can individually and collectively bring to the charity is invaluable and one for which we are truly grateful.”

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Social Media Marketing World 2016….My Experience

Picture this, 25 degrees centigrade, clear blue skies, a cool breeze blowing in from the Pacific, pretzel and lemonade stands, fire hydrants and a plethora of dog walkers and joggers. Welcome to San Diego, California, but I’m not here for pleasure, well…sort of. I’m here for Social Media Marketing World 2016, the number one social media marketing conference in the world!  Created and hosted by Social Media Examiner, this conference sees 3,000 marketers descend on the San Diego Convention Centre for 3 days of networking, discovery and fun.


This conference is mind blowing! Not only do you get to participate in workshops and sessions with some of the world’s most respected and influential digital marketers, you can network with your peers and attend some pretty awesome parties on decommissioned aircraft carriers and at the spacious bay side Marriot Marquis.

I must be honest, this is a tiring event. In addition to recovering from jet lag (I hate not being able to sleep on 10 hour flights!), your mind is racing and buzzing from all the knowledge you are gaining. So what did I learn?

The world of social media is ever changing, and fast paced. More and more people are using social media meaning more and more content is created and published. Social media channels are getting noisier and the battle for attention on line has intensified. Businesses and brands now have to raise their game when it comes to social media and content marketing. No longer can we expect to create generic content. How do you rise above the noise? The power of story.


I attended a Sunday workshop titled ‘Business of Story: How to Craft and Tell Compelling Brand Stories That Sell’ delivered by Park Howell, a brand strategist with 30 years experience under his belt. I discovered that in order to captivate the attention of your audience and prospects, you have to use a great story filled with urgency, novelty and surprise. Humans reflect on their world through symbolic stories and we can trace this back to ancient myths and legends. Hollywood screenwriters do this all the time; however, they change the protagonist, plot and setting whilst using a fundamental story structure.

It is this ability to tell an amazing story that social media and content marketers must grasp. It gives the opportunity to create emotional connections with your audience, maximising the likelihood of engagement meaning your content is rewarded, not only with higher performance, it is rewarded with trust. This trust established with your audience is crucial to succeeding in any business and the content you create fostered on great story telling is the best way this can happen.

Here are my top three quotes from Park’s insightful and well delivered workshop:

“Story is as important to our brains as oxygen is to our lungs”.

 “We have to embrace and rejoice the conflict in our stories. The more conflict we can instil in our story, the more we can connect with our audiences.”

“The best stories are inspired by actual events, whether they happened or not.”

Let’s look at another lesson given by Marcus Sheridan, keynote speaker, consultant and creator of the well known and respected content and inbound marketing blog, ‘The Sales Lion’. Marcus crafted his content marketing skills selling swimming pools. Marcus explained that he regularly sells swimming pools without even visiting the client’s home. The reason is trust. His content is so well created and relevant, people feel they can trust him and place and order knowing that they are in good hands. Marcus spoke about how instead of posting ‘the top 5 pool games to play this summer’, he would post ‘how much does a fibre-glass swimming pool cost?’. Marcus complimented this with a story about a friend who sells private jets and is successful because they talk about the costs of flying more so than focusing on the features of the planes. As he frankly said to me “Don’t get too Kumbaya with your content”.

Here are my top 3 quotes from Marcus’ high energy and passionate session:

“It is essential all businesses now employ a content manager.”

 “If you’re obsessed with truly listening and understanding your customers, you’ll never run out of great content.”

 “Consumer ignorance is no longer a viable marketing and sales strategy.”

These two perspectives on content marketing certainly have weight; however, it is crucial that a balance be achieved. The bullseye is content that:

  • Tells a well created story that is not afraid to contain conflicting issues. The story is told using a varied mixture of visually appealing media published at the right time, on the right platform.
  • Is highly relevant to your audience as a whole or segments because it has answered their questions probably before they have even thought of them.

The frequency of social media posts are also affected by the above. Throwing out too much curated content to fill the gaps is no longer an effective option. The reason being is people are too used to it. The longer we use social media, the more desensitised we become. The latest tactics and behaviours end up becoming natural to us similar to watching a horror film for third time, you know when the killer is going to jump out with a knife. By all means, if you have the budget to consistently and regularly create amazing content, then you can look towards posting to Facebook and Instagram daily. If not (like with many SMEs), then consider posting less frequently and use the time you would spend on curating the same old content to listening to your audience and prospects. Listen for those conversations and join in, develop those relationships, nurture them and turn it into a bridge built on trust.


The biggest takeaway of all from Social Media Marketing World 2016 is this… many marketers are not using social media effectively because they play it too safe.

By Adam Šapić, Digital Marketing Strategist at Yogurt Top Marketing.

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What is SEO and how can SEO help your business to succeed online

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the process of improving a website’s position in search engine results pages.


Given that your potential customers are using the Internet to find the products or services that you offer, it’s vitally important that your company can be found Online. To be blunt, if you’re not on the first page of Google; you’re leaving money on the table.

Successfully implementing SEO consists of two factors:

1) On Page Optimisation
2) Off Page Optimisation

On Page optimisation is the process of improving a website’s code and content. Changes to the website’s code ensure that the site is fast, functional and works correctly. Changes to the website’s content ensure that the site is sending the right message to the search engine, so the search engine knows what keyword(s) to rank you for.

Off Page optimisation is the process of improving the equity of a website. This is achieved by obtaining incoming links from high quality, related websites.

However, the success of both On Page and Off Page optimisation is determined by on common denominator: The keywords that you choose to optimise for.

Keyword selection is a vitally important component of a successful SEO campaign. If you’re appearing #1 on Google for a term that isn’t actually searched for, you’re simply not going to generate any traffic.

Because of that, rather than just selecting a keyword that you *think* your target customers search for; you need to ensure that you’re optimising content for keywords or key phrases that *really* generate good search volume.

Do you need help with SEO?

Yogurt Top Marketing have recently partnered with OMS [Online Marketing Surgery] to offer SEO and online marketing solutions to a range of existing and new businesses.

Before any SEO is executed, OMS will conduct extremely detailed keyword research in order to expose the entire search landscape within your industry. This ensures that you only optimise web pages for keywords and key phrases that have search volume and real value.

In addition, a full SEO audit is conducted to evaluate the current performance of the site from an SEO point of view. The audit looks at your site’s setup, coding, speed, on page content, backlinks and much more.

If you’re interested in Yogurt Top Marketing and OMS conducting a free, no obligation SEO audit to evaluate the performance of your current website, call Yogurt Top today on 01543 439239.

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On the first day of Christmas The Falcon Board gave away, segways to local charity

Midlands based company, The Falcon Board have helped spread a little festive cheer this Christmas by donating £1000 worth of their ‘must have’ self-balancing boards to a local children’s charity.

Let Us Play is a West Midlands based children’s charity which offers play and sport activities to children with disabilities and special needs. The ‘Sainsbury, Bentley Bridge’ charity of the year was founded in 2003 by a group of parents with disabled/special needs children who struggled to access such a service elsewhere. With the charity serving over 220 local children and their families, every donation that they receive is vital to their continued existence. Let Us Play do not receive any government funding and therefore rely solely on the goodwill of businesses like The Falcon Board to provide their much needed service to the local community.

Falcon Board - Charity Image

Image: LUP staff and children receiving The Falcon Board

The Falcon Board’s self-balancing boards are on the top of most peoples Christmas wish lists this year and have been sported by the likes of Geordie Shore’s Jay Gardner, boxing champion of the World, Robin Reid and Two Pints actor Will Mellor, to name a few.

Image: Geordie Shore’s Jay Gardner riding The Falcon Board 

Adele Flint, communications manager at The Falcon Board said, “The Falcon Board is said to be ‘the’ gadget of 2015 but with a price-tag of £249+ we know that it is an extravagance for most, and that some will not be able to afford one in their Santa sack this year. We chose to donate our boards to Let Us Play as we wanted them to be enjoyed by lots of children. It is a privilege for us to be able give back to the community and the unsung heroes who help others every day at Let Us Play”.

The charity, run by Kim Hatton and Claire McKen supports hundreds of children and their families from across Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas, ensuring that no matter what problems they face every day, there is a smiling face waiting to greet them and help them to play and integrate with other children in similar situations. The charity, Let Us Play, said, “Our service is a vital lifeline for a lot of parents who have disabled and special needs children. Our community of parents help to support one another and it’s a humbling experience to do what we do. The children we work with throughout the year are just magic and thanks to donations from companies like The Falcon Board we hope to continue to bring joy to their lives for many more years to come”.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme hosts exclusive event in Manchester

On Saturday 21st November 2015, Jean-Claude Van Damme hosted a world exclusive black tie dinner for fans and film buffs at Manchester’s Event City.

‘An Experience with’ Jean-Claude Van Damme saw ‘the Muscles From Brussels’ take part in a live interview with Jenni Falconer with all subjects covered, from his rise to fame, his film debut and his famous splits.


Image: Stephen Oleksewycz, founder of Olexy Productions & Van Damme

The once in a life time show, organised by leading events company Olexy Productions, who have hosted similar evenings with the likes of Al Pacino, Vinnie Jones and Arnold Schwarzenegger, was a sell out spectacle with just over 800 people in attendance.

As well as Van Damme fans also enjoyed the company of a whole host of famous faces including: Amir Khan, British actor and director Nick Nevern, Love Island’s Luis Morrison and partner Cally Jane Beech and Geordie Shore’s Jay Gardner, to name a few.

















Image: Love Island’s Luis Morrison and partner Cally Jane Beach standing in front of the Step and Repeat – Event Sponsor IMF Marketing Group

Stephen Oleksewycz, founder of Olexy Productions, said, “I am really proud of the team at Olexy Productions and our guests for making ‘An evening with’ Jean-Claude Van Damme such a huge success, it was definitely a night to remember. I’m delighted to see how far we have come over the last few years – but there’s always more we can do to keep our exclusive experiences fresh and different from any other VIP dinner. We are looking forward to our up-coming events with Arnold Schwarzenegger in January; they just keep getting bigger and better, watch this space”.

Alongside the main attraction, the exclusive, star studded night also saw performances from live Jazz band Goosebumps, a martial arts display, celebrity interviewer Jenni Falconer and a charity auction of bespoke and exclusively signed Jean-Claude Van Damme memorabilia which raised thousands of pounds for the charity Candlelighters which supports children with cancer and their families.


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Jean-Claude Van Damme to host exclusive black tie dinner in Manchester

A unique chance for fans and film buffs has set tongues wagging and got celebrity attendees excited before ‘An Experience With’ Jean-Claude Van Damme hits Manchester this month.This is the first time that the Hollywood legend has hosted an intimate dinner of this kind anywhere in the world.

‘An Experience with’ Jean-Claude Van Damme will see the Belgium born actor take part in a live interview at Event City in Manchester on Saturday 21st November. With all subjects covered, from his rise to fame, his film debut and his famous ‘splits’ – ‘The Muscles From Brussels’ will be put under the spotlight for fans to see in a once in a lifetime event opportunity.
The exclusive black-tie dinner is being organised by leading events company Olexy Productions, who recently partnered with IMF Marketing Group and Yogurt Top Media to deliver  PR and Marketing Services to the JCVD event and future Olexy events.

Olexy have hosted similar sell-out audiences with the likes of Al Pacino, Vinnie Jones and Arnold Schwarzenegger over the past two years.

There is also said to be an impressive celebrity guest list in attendance, with names such as boxer Amir Kahn, British actor and director Nick Nevern, Hollyoaks & Emmerdale starlet Gemma Atkinson, TOWIE’s James Lock and Michael Hassini, Love Island’s Luis Morrison and partner Cally Jane Beach and Geordie Shore’s Jay Gardner, walking the red carpet.

Stephen Oleksewycz, founder of Olexy Productions, said, “We are really looking forward to another amazing sell out event. Our past events have been a huge success, and I can only thank the great people who help to organise them, and the guests, for making every night a night to remember. This one will be bigger and better than any we have done before. I’m proud of how far we have come – but there’s always more we can do to keep our exclusive experiences fresh and different from any other VIP dinner”.



Alongside the main attraction, the exclusive, star studded night will also include a live Jazz band, martial arts display, stunt actors, celebrity interviewer Jenni Flaconer, a charity auction of bespoke and exclusively signed Jean-Claude Van Damme memorabilia, unseen videos and footage of the actor, a Q&A session with Jean-Claude Van Damme, a VIP champagne reception, the opportunity for an intimate ‘meet and greet’ with Jean-Claude Van Damme and more.


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